Thursday, February 9, 2012

NEW TO MAGAZINE: The Daily Grind

Located inside of the historic Henry's Bar (5101 Magazine) is a brand new restaurant / grill called The Daily Grind (TDG). The Daily Grind will be opening it's doors for business this Mardi Gras & will be curing and saving hundreds of hangovers.

(Pictured above is Darren's beef taco = $3 per taco)

Owner & operator, Darren Gogreve prides himself on his fresh ground hamburger meat and homemade grilling sprays. He also features a vietnamese style Bahn Mi bun for many of his sandwiches. Burgers average around $8.50 a piece.

Darren is also experimenting with tacos, cheesesteaks, salmon burgers, tater tots, nachos, and other comforting food items. (Salmon burger photo below)

Darren puts a lot of effort and care into everything he makes & is a great guy to shoot the shit with. He decorated the restaurant interior in what can only be described as "Naturally Nawlins."

FYI, I am trying to convince Darren to put a baked potato on the menu as a healthier altnative to french fries, but Darren is not much of a listener when it comes to me. Please mention to him that a baked potato would be a great addition when you visit.

Definitely catch a beer, some video poker, and burger at this fantastic man-hole of a bar.

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